About Us

WHY NOT is a brand inspired by the lifestyles of the modern men and women, using precious and semi-precious stones and metals in its collections. The Özusta Family has been in the jewelry business for 78 years. Under the creative directorate of Erhan Özusta, a second-generation representative of the family, the brand creates custom pieces as well as featuring pieces symbolic to the lifestyle. The collection continues its international fair participations after making its debut in Paris Tranoi Show.

The inspiration behind the brand’s latest collection 18 FOREVER is based upon an ancient belief, making reference to the emotions that foster eternal youth.

“In the old days people used to tie threads to their fingers not to forget important things. These threads would serve as constant reminders, making the forgettable unforgettable.

Thread and chain details of 18 FOREVER are designed as reminders of the independent power within and the real you that keeps you colorful and vibrant. This power shall manifest itself in many forms such as courage, love, faith and serve as an eternal source of youth.”

Discover Your True Color!

We believe the secret of youth is...

Brave: Let the flame of brave inside you burn forever. #ForeverBrave

Love: Isn’t love the loveliest color of all? What’s left to desire after you’ve found love? #ForeverInLove

Freedom: You are a free spirit. Those who are free follow the colors. #ForeverFree

Strength: The only power to stop a soul that believes in its strength is the soul itself. #ForeverStrong

Joy: A joyous soul never lacks the force of life. #ForeverJoyous

Passion: Passion steers the soul. #ForeverPassionate

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